Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Philosophy "Graceful Pink"

Hi everyone!  Today I decided to try out Philosophy's "Graceful Pink."  I was actually quite surprised to see that Philosophy makes nail polish because I always see them as a company that makes body soaps and lotions.  So I am very excited to try out their nail polish!

"Graceful Pink" is a very pretty pastel pink polish that is very light and natural looking.  Formula wise "Graceful Pink" is a tiny bit watery but it was still very easy to apply.  After two coats the polish wasn't completely opaque and there were a lot of visible streak marks.  However since "Graceful Pink" is such a light color it isn't too shocking that it isn't completely opaque.  As for chipping "Graceful Pink" lasted about two days.

Overall Philosophy's "Graceful Pink" is a nice nail polish.  The color is pretty and the formula is okay, but the polish would look prettier without streak marks.  I probably won't wear this polish that much because I prefer brighter colors but it is nice to know that Philosophy makes nice nail polish!

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