Thursday, January 1, 2015

China Glaze "I'm A Go Glitter"

Hi everyone and Happy 2015!  It seems like just yesterday we were starting 2014!  To start out 2015 I decided to pull out a full blown glitter nail polish!  I wanted a really bright and fun glitter to celebrate the new year so I picked out China Glaze's "I'm A Go Glitter."

"I'm A Go Glitter" is a super chunky, multi-sized glitter polish in a clear base.  It features lots of small magenta glitter, and larger glitter pieces in lime green and sky blue.  Formula wise "I'm A Go Glitter" was a bit difficult to work with because the glitter so desperately wanted to stick to the brush and not to my nail.  However with a little patience it got easier to do.  As for chipping, it is a glitter so you never wear it alone which makes it impossible to tell if the glitter caused the chipping or if it was the creme base that caused the chipping.

I decided to test out China Glaze's "I'm A Go Glitter" over a few different base colored polishes and here's how they turned out:

First I tested China Glaze's "I'm A Go Glitter" over a white nail polish.  I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "White On."  As always (well almost always) white makes an excellent base for a glitter polish and China Glaze's "I'm A Go Glitter" looked amazing on the white nail polish!

The second creme polish I tested out with "I'm A Go Glitter" is China Glaze's "Grass Is Lime Greener" which is a super bright lime green!  I picked out this bright lime green nail polish to look nice with the green glitter in China Glaze's "I'm A Go Glitter."  Unfortunately they glitter and the lime green polish matched a little too much and I think it took away from the combination!  (Also apologies for the not so great photo but I couldn't get the camera to focus!)

The third and final polish I tested out with "I'm A Go Glitter" is Nails INC's "Chelsea Psychic Garden" which is a gorgeous light aquamarine colored polish!  I picked this color out to coordinate with the light blue glitter in China Glaze's "I'm A Go Glitter", but as it turned out the glitter and the polish weren't an exact match.  However it works better because it makes the blue glitter more visible!

Overall I really like China Glaze's "I'm A Go Glitter" because it has all of my favorite colors in glitter form!  My only complaint was that it was difficult to get an even layer of glitter on my nails.  I liked all the combinations I tried but China Glaze's "I'm A Go Glitter" over Nails INC's "Chelsea Psychic Garden" was my favorite look because it says Summertime fun!  (Too bad it's still only January because come Summer I will definitely be wearing these polishes again!)

Thanks for reading my blog and Happy 2015!  :)

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