Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sinful Colors "Ruby Mine"

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying the new year still and staying warm in this freezing cold weather!  After a freezing cold week I decided to warm things up with a super bright glittery red nail polish!  I picked out Sinful Colors "Ruby Mine."

"Ruby Mine" is a a true red nail polish with a bunch of silver micro-glitter mixed in.  The combination of red and silver is gorgeous!  The formula of "Ruby Mine" is wonderful!  It was very easy to apply and was definitely opaque after only one coat of nail polish and had no visible streak marks!  (However I still used two coats for the picture above.)  As for chipping I can't say because I wore "Ruby Mine" just for the day when I went to see the National Tour of Wicked as an ode to Dorothy's red shoes.  As with many glittery nail polishes I was worried about it being difficult to remove but I was pleasantly surprised with how easily it came of!

Overall I really like Sinful Colors "Ruby Mine."  It is a beautiful color, the formula is amazing, it was easy to apply and can be worn as a one-coater!  I will definitely be wearing "Ruby Mine" again and again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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