Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fresh Paints "Glass Slipper"

Hi guys!  Today's nail polish comes from an American store called Five Below, which is a variety store that sells everything for $5 (USD) or less.  I was able to purchase this brand of nail polish, 3 for $5 which is a good price.  So today's nail polish is Fresh Paints' "Glass Slipper."

"Glass Slipper" is a light blue nail polish that has a Cinderella theme.  Formula wise this nail polish was very thick and it was not the easiest to apply.  After two coats, "Glass Slipper" was completely opaque but did have a few small streak marks.  In terms of chipping I was only able to wear "Glass Slipper" for about a day and a half before it started to flake off in fair sized chunks.

Overall I am a bit disappointed with Finger Paints' "Glass Slipper."  The only thing about this nail polish that I liked is its color and name, other wise it was a waste of time.  I probably won't be wearing "Glass Slipper" again because I own other nail polishes in the same color that are easier to apply and wear.

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