Wednesday, November 5, 2014

OPI "Miss Piggy's Big Number"

Hi all!  Happy November!  I hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep the other night when Daylight Savings Time ended!  To celebrate the extra hour I picked out a fun blue nail polish by OPI called "Miss Piggy's Big Number."

"Miss Piggy's Big Number" is  royal blue shimmer that shines nicely in the light!  (As you can probably tell from the picture!)  Formula wise "Miss Piggy's Big Number" is good and was fairly easy to apply.  The only slightly difficult part of applying this polish was the brush which did not seem to want to hold any polish and meant it was hard to get nice even brush stroked.  After two coats of polish "Miss Piggy's Big Number" was almost completely opaque but it did has a fair amount of streak marks, which it isn't too surprising that there are streak marks because it is a shimmery polish.  As for chipping it is hard to say since "Miss Piggy's Big Number" did not seem to want to dry!  After applying a nice coat of Orly's "Sec'N'Dry" (my preferred quick drying top coat) and waiting a good amount of time for my nails to set, "Miss Piggy's Big Number" began to smudge off onto anything my nails came in contact with.  Which was very disappointing.

Overall I have mixed feelings about OPI's "Miss Piggy's Big Number."  The formula was nice and the color is very pretty, but it was disappointing that the polish was not completely opaque and that it refused to dry and could not be worn for longer! I am going to give this nail polish another try when the weather gets warm again because perhaps the temperature might make a difference.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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