Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Comparison: OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" and Orly's "Pink Chocolate"

Hi everyone!  It has been a while since I did a dupe/comparison post and decided to squeeze one more in this year!  (I can't believe it is Thanksgiving already!)  I decided to test out OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" and Orly's "Pink Chocolate."  Both polishes are a dusty pinkish brown polishes, with OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" having a slight silver shimmer.  As you can see they look almost identical in the bottles so I was curious to find out if they looked identical on the nails.

To start off I applied a clear base coat and then one coat of both OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" and Orly's "Pink Chocolate."  After one coat I noticed that OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" was almost completely opaque and had a slightly deeper color in comparison to Orly's "Pink Chocolate." 

After two coats of OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" and Orly's "Pink Chocolate" I applied a quick drying top coat.  As you can see from the photo these two polishes are not perfect dupes, though they are very similar.  OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" is a hair bit darker in color and as you can see on my pinkie finger has visible shimmer.  Both nail polishes have nice formulas and were very easy to apply.

OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" retails at stores for around $9.50 (USD) a bottle.  But it can be found on Amazon for around $5 (USD) a bottle.  While Orly's "Pink Chocolate" can be found in stores for around $7.25 (USD) a bottle or on Amazon for around $5.50 (USD) a bottle.

Overall while OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" and Orly's "Pink Chocolate" are not perfect dupes they are so similar that you probably don't need both in your collection.  However I cannot say for sure which one I like better.  Both have nice formulas and gorgeous colors and were easy to apply.  And since both can be found on Amazon for a similar price it is impossible to choose.  My only suggestion is to decide if you want a polish with shimmer or not, since OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset has shimmer and Orly's "Pink Chocolate" is a true crème.

Also if you want more information on OPI's "Grand Canyon Sunset" here's the link to a blog I did about it in 2013:

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