Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Forever 21 "Daiquiri"

Hi everyone!  Today's nail polish is Forever 21's "Daiquiri."  Forever 21 is an inexpensive clothing store found throughout the United States (and other countries) that sells nail polish for about $2 (USD) a bottle.  "Daiquiri" is another pink polish to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

"Daiquiri" is a bright pink creme polish.  Formula wise "Daiquiri" was fair, but it went on in slightly thick goopy layers.  After two coats the nail polish was only partially opaque and there were definitely a lot of streak marks.  As for chipping I'm not sure how long "Daiquiri" would last because it looked terrible on my nails and I didn't want to wear it out of the house.

Overall Forever 21's "Daiquiri" is not a very good nail polish, but considering it cost me about $2 so I can't be too mad at it.  But the goopy formula made it very difficult to apply and made it look not very pretty.  I probably won't be trying this polish again any time soon!

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