Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Essence "Girl's Night Out"

Hi all! Today's nail polish is Essence's "Girl's Night Out" which I think is the perfect kind of nail polish to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month with because ever woman deserves to go out with her friends!

"Girl's Night Out" is a hot pink nail polish with a lot of pink shimmer in it.  Formula wise this polish is good and was easy to apply.  After two coats of "Girl's Night Out" was completely opaque and streak free.  As for chipping I was able to wear this polish for about three days before there were visible tip chips.  In the past I have had bad luck with Essence nail polishes staining my nails  and "Girl's Night Out" was no exception, unfortunately.

Overall Essence's "Girl's Night Out" is a decent nail polish and it has a nice formula and color, but its downfall is the staining.  I will probably wear this nail polish again but only for special occasions/short time periods that way this polish won't stain my nails!

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