Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Frenchi "131"

Hi guys!  Today I have a special nail polish that my parents got for me last Autumn when they went to Russia!  The nail polish is Frenchi's "131."  I don't know much about this brand of polish but it cost my parents 160Py6 (Russian Rubles) which is right around $2 (US).

"131" is a gorgeous hot pink nail polish with a blue base that makes it appear cooler.  Formula wise this polish is perfect and it was easy to apply.  After two coats of polish, "131" was completely opaque and there were no streak marks.  As for chipping, I was able to wear "131" for about five full days before there were some small tip chips.

Overall I am very pleased with Frenchi's "131."  Everything about this nail polish was great and it is just an added bonus that my parents brought it from Russia for me!  I love pink nail polish and I will definitely be wearing this polish again soon!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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