Saturday, April 23, 2016

ULTA "Cream Of The Crop"

Hi guys and happy Saturday!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  Today's nail polish is ULTA's "Cream Of The Crop."  ULTA is a store in the United States that sells a variety of make-up, hair supplies, nail polish, and body soaps.

"Cream Of The Crop" is a creamy yellow polish.  Formula wise this nail polish was a bit watery and took a bit of patience to apply.  After two coats of polish, "Cream Of The Crop" was not opaque and had a lot of visible streak marks.  In terms of chipping, I was able to wear "Cream Of The Crop" for about two days before there were some visible tip chips.

Overall I have mixed feelings about ULTA's "Cream Of The Crop."  I like the color of the polish but the watery formula and all the visible streaks were disappointing.  I have tried this polish out a few times now and it hasn't gotten any better so I probably won't be wearing this nail polish again any time soon.

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