Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ciaté "Ahoy Sailor"

Hi all!  I can't believe that tomorrow is Monday again.  But to ease into the week today's nail polish is Ciaté's "Ahoy Sailor."  This polish was part of the 2015 annual Advent Calendar that Ciaté puts out for Black Friday/Christmas.  The set looks like this:

"Ahoy Sailor" is a gorgeous aquamarine colored nail polish.  Formula wise, "Ahoy Sailor" was a bit thick but it was still fairly easy to apply.  After two coats, the polish was completely opaque and streak free.  (The streaks on my ring and pinky finger are pink nail polish that got stuck in my topcoat.)  As for chipping, I was able to wear "Ahoy Matey" for three days before there were some minor tip chips.

Overall I have mixed feelings about Ciaté's "Ahoy Sailor."  I love the color and that it was opaque, however the thick formula caused some annoyance.  However I am willing to give this polish another try.

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