Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Essie "Salt Water Happy"

Hi all!  It is hard to believe that August is nearly over!  (Where has the year gotten to?!?)  A lot of schools are starting to go back, but that doesn't mean Summer is over quite yet!  There is still a little bit of time left to head to the beach, so today's nail polish is my ode to the end of Summer.  Today's end-of-Summer polish is Essie's "Salt Water Happy."

"Salt Water Happy" is a gorgeous periwinkle nail polish!  Formula wise this polish was unique to say the least.  "Salt Water Happy" kept separating in the bottle and it was causing the polish to be watery.  After two coats of polish, "Salt Water Happy" was completely opaque, but the goopy polish kept smudging while I was trying to paint the rest of my nails.  As for chipping, I am not sure how long "Salt Water Happy" can be worn before it chips because it smudged so badly and refused to dry that I couldn't wear this polish out of the house!

Overall I am very disappointed in Essie's "Salt Water Happy."  I wanted so badly to love this nail polish but I just couldn't.  I do love the name of the polish and its pretty color but everything else after that was terrible.  The formulation of this polish was dismal at best and it was impossible to actually wear, which after all is the entire point of nail polish.  I definitely will not be wearing this nail polish ever again!

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Thanks for reading my blog and happy end-of-Summer!  :)

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