Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Julie G "Fairytale"

Hi all!  Happy Tuesday!  Today is an exciting day because my longtime friend just became a mommy today!  So to celebrate, today's nail polish is Julie G's "Fairytale."  Julie G is a drugstore brand that I buy at Rite-Aid and it is very affordable costing around $4 (USD) a bottle.

"Fairytale" is a lovely pastel purple polish that looks just so nice on my nails!  The formula of this nail polish was pretty good and easy enough to apply.  After two coats of polish, "Fairytale" was completely opaque and had only the tiniest streak mark here or there.  As for chipping, I was able to wear "Fairytale" for four days before there were some tip chips.

Overall I am am pleased with Julie G's "Fairytale."  I often worry when it comes to a pastel but this nail polish turned out to be nearly perfect.  I will definitely be sporting this nail polish again very soon!

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