Friday, August 19, 2016

Orly Color Blast "Price Of Fame"

Hi guys!  Happy Friday!  We've made it to the weekend again! So to celebrate today's nail polish is Orly Color Blast's "Price Of Fame" which I purchased at Kohls (an American discount retail store similar to TJ Maxx).  "Price Of Fame" came in a duo pack that was called the Hollywood Duo Set, which looks like this:

"Price Of Fame" is a sparkly gold and copper glitter nail polish in a clear base.  Formula wise this polish was great and surprisingly easy to apply for a glitter.  Initially I thought that "Price Of Fame" wouldn't be able to be worn on its own because most glitter polish aren't.  However I was pleasantly surprised with "Price Of Fame."  After two coats the polish was not completely opaque but was good enough to cover most of the nail.  (I struggled mostly to cover the tips.)  As for chipping, I was able to wear "Price Of Fame" for two days before it started to flake off my nails.

Overall I really like Orly Color Blast's "Price Of Fame."  The glitter is gorgeous and sparkles nicely on my nails.  And while the polish alone isn't completely opaque I think it covers enough to actually be worn alone!  I will definitely wear this nail polish again soon!

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