Friday, November 4, 2016

Sephora Formula X "Bombshell"

Hi all!  I hope everyone is having a great Friday, mine has been a disaster thus far.  (Broken computers, misplaced cellphones and a panic attack later I've finally made it to the weekend!!) Today's nail polish is Formula X's "Bombshell" which is the perfect polish for Halloween.  (And yes I know I am a few days after Halloween but I only wear pink polish in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.)

"Bombshell" is a black and orange glitter in a clear base.  The formula of this nail polish was good and the glitter spread evenly on my nails without too much effort.  Since "Bombshell" is in a clear base coat it isn't mean to be worn alone so I decided to test it out over a few colored nail polishes.

The first polish I decided to try out with "Bombshell" was Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in "Black Heart."  This combination was the most Halloween combination that I could possibly make and I will definitely remember this for next year!

The second nail polish I decided to try out with "Bombshell" was Essie's "Virgin Snow."  This combination turned out okay and wasn't awful but at the same time it wasn't my favorite combo.

Overall I am really pleased with Formula X for Sephora's "Bombshell."  I am always a fan of a fun chunky glitter and I cannot wait to rock this nail polish next Halloween!

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