Friday, November 18, 2016

Nails INC "The Thames"

Hi everyone!  We've made it to Friday, or should I say Fri-YAY!  Today's nail polish is Nails INC's "The Thames" which I got as part of a special set sold on QVC (an American shopping TV channel) called The London Collection which looks like this:

"The Thames" is the top center polish.

"The Thames" is fittingly a grey colored polish that tells of how dirty the river Thames has become.  (In case you aren't familiar with rivers the Thames runs through the center of London, England.)  Formula wise this polish was fantastic and very easy to apply.  After only one coat "The Thames" was completely opaque and streak free.  However I applied two coats of polish for the picture.  In terms of chipping, I was able to wear "The Thames" for six full days before there were a couple of small tip chips.

Overall I am very impressed with Nails INC's "The Thames."  I love a nail polish that can be worn as a one-coater and "The Thames" made it even better because the formula was so great!  I will be wearing "The Thames" a lot more often!

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