Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ciaté "Cookies & Creme"

Hi all! Who else is ready for the weekend?  Today's nail polish is Ciaté's "Cookies & Creme" which was part of Ciaté's annual advent calendar.  "Cookies & Creme" came in the 2015 Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar.  The set looks like this:

"Cookies & Creme" is a lovely light beige, nude colored polish that is perfect for any classy event.  Formula wise this polish was nice and applied well.  After two coats, "Cookies & Creme" was not opaque and had some noticeable streak marks.  In terms of chipping, I was able to wear "Cookies & Creme" for only about a day because it looked so terrible on my nails that I couldn't stand wearing it any longer.

Overall I am very disappointed by Ciaté's "Cookies & Creme."  Everything from it looking bad on my nails to its short wear time was sad.  I will probably not wear this nail polish again anytime soon.

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