Friday, March 17, 2017

Nail Plate: BM-S250 by Bundle Monster

Hi everyone and happy Friday!  We finally made it to the weekend again!  Today's extra special post is to show off one of Bundle Monster's stamping plates, BM-S250, which is awesomely Egyptian themed!  I was so excited to see this plate because I love Egyptian history and figured it would be the perfect as my first stamping plate!

To create this look I used Sally Hansen Salon perfect Manicure's "Coat Of Arms" as the base and then used Bundle Monster's stamping polish in "Straight Up Black."

From left to right: Bundle Monster "Straight Up Black", Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Coat Of Arms" and Bundle Monster "Poli-Peel."

To get King Tut's face on my ring finger I stamped on to my Lotus mat to create a decal.  (The stamper I used is a no-name one I purchased off of Amazon, which works well for a novice but there are definitely better stampers out there for the more experienced stampers.)

This technique worked well until I placed it crooked on my nails.  (But it was my first time trying this technique so I assume I'll get better with practice.)  Here's how it looked when I placed on on my nails and added the "Poli-Peel Cuticle Blocker."

For the other three nails I first applied Bundle Monster's "Poli-Peel Cuticle Blocker" around the edge of my nails and stamped directly on to my nails.  I found this technique worked better for myself, however I am still a novice and have a lot of work to do before I am a master.

Overall I am very pleased by Bundle Monster's stamping plate, polish and poli-peel.  I definitely plan on trying out other plates and polishes from Bundle Monster.  Also Bundle Monster is very affordable and ships quickly, which is fantastic!

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