Monday, March 13, 2017

Orly "Androgynie"

Hi all!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend.  I went to my aunt's house in the mountains and there was no wi-fi and then a snow storm left me caught there until today!  But now that I am back expect several extra posts this week!  So without furhter ado, today's nail polish is Orly's "Androgynie."

"Androgynie" is a unique polish because it is a black crelly with chunky blue, yellow, and green glitter in it as well as gold and silver micro-glitter.  Formula wise this polish was good and very easy to apply, though I did struggle to get the larger glitter pieces out of the bottle and on to my nail.  After two coats, "Androgynie" was completely opaque and had no streak marks.  As for chipping, I was able to wear this polish for five days before there were a few minor tip chips.

Overall I am very pleased with Orly's "Androgynie."  Everything about this nail polish is great and I love how unique this polish is.  I don't have any other nail polishes that look similar.  I will definitely be wearing this nail polish again soon!

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