Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Tan Lime"

Hi everyone!  The ran finally stopped this afternoon, and I am hopeful that the sun will come out tomorrow!  (Otherwise it'll be a long Wednesday!)  Today's nail polish is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Tan Lime."

"Tan Lime" is a bright neon grass green nail polish.  Formula wise this polish was good and went on my nails easily.  After two coats, "Tan Lime" was not opaque and you could see my nail bed.  However there were no visible streak marks.  As for chipping, I was only able to wear "Tan Lime" for two days before it began to flake off.

Overall I am not a fan of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Tan Lime."  The color is fun and bright but it was disappointing that the polish was not opaque and that is chipped so easily.  I'm undecided if I would try this polish again or not.

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