Sunday, July 12, 2015

Finger Paints "Sailor's Lure"

Hi guys!  Happy Sunday!  As I type this I am headed out of the country for a couple of  weeks.  I promise that I'm going to try and post every other day, but I'm not sure how fast the wi-fi will be! Since I will be on a boat today's nail polish is Finger Paint's "Sailor's Lure.

"Sailor's Lure" is a bright beachy royal blue polish with a bumpy texture.  It isn't quite the sandpaper texture but it has several bumps and it is an interesting look.  Formula wise "Sailor's Lure" was fairly easy to apply, however the wide brush meant I also got a lot of excess nail polish on my skin as well as on my nails.  Howeer the best news of all is "Sailor's Lure" is a one-coater!  As for chipping the bumps in "Sailor's Lure" got caught on lots of items made of fabric and cause chips on the second day.

Overall I have mixed feelings about Finger Paint's "Sailor's Lure."  I love the color and that it only needs one coat of polish but I'm not a fan of how quickly the polish chipped or that it kept getting caught on fabric!  I will probably wear "Sailor's Lure" again but only for special occasions, like trips to the beach!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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