Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nicole by OPI "Fresh Squeezed"

Hi everyone!  The sun finally came back out today so to celebrate I pulled out the brightest nail polish I could find!  Today's nail polish is Nicole by OPI's "Fresh Squeezed."

"Fresh Squeezed" is a fun, bright, orange glitter.  Formula wise this polish was easy to apply and didn't have any visible streak marks.  However I was disappointed that "Fresh Squeezed" refused to be opaque!  You could see straight through to the nail.  As for chipping because the nail polish wasn't opaque and didn't look that great on my nails I didn't wear it very long.  (Basically just to take pictures.)

Overall I am very disappointed in Nicole by OPI's "Fresh Squeezed."  I had been very excited to try out this nail polish, but it refused to be opaque on my nails and it meant that I couldn't wear it out of the house.  I will probably wear this nail polish as a topcoat over another nail polish, but definitely not alone again.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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