Friday, June 16, 2017

Nails INC "Brighton"

Hi guys and happy, happy Friday!  Today's nail polish is Nails INC's "Brighton" which is a special effects Feather polish.  I wanted this nail polish for so long and it took me a long time to track a bottle down, and I am so glad I did!

"Brighton" is a bar glitter in lime green and turquoise in a clear base.  Formula wise, "Brighton" was very thick but that helped the glitter stick to my nails.  In order to get "Brighton" to be opaque I thought I would have to use the sponge technique but surprisingly it applied in good thick coats.  As for chipping I was only able to wear this polish for about two days because the bar glitter kept grabbing on everything.  But I decided to try "Brighton" out as a top coat on another polish.

I decided to try out "Brighton" with Sephora by OPI's "Read My Palm."  This combination turned out nicely and is perfect for Summertime!

If you want to know more about Sephora by OPI's "Read My Palm" check out my post from earlier this week!

Overall I am very pleased with Nails INC's "Brighton."  This polish is a lot of fun and very unique looking.  I will wear this nail polish again but unfortunately only on weekends of vacations because my work place requires more professional nails.

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