Tuesday, June 20, 2017

ULTA "Fine Pruned"

Hello all and happy almost first day of Summer!  Today's nail polish is ULTA's "Fine Pruned."  This is an inexpensive brand of nail polish sold by ULTA Beauty stores.

"Fine Pruned" is a purplish brown polish.  The formula of "Fine Pruned" was watery but as long as I wiped the excess polish off the brush I didn't find it to difficult to apply.  After two coats this nail polish was completely opaque  and had no streak marks.  In terms of chipping, I was able to wear "Fine Pruned" for four days before there were a couple of chips.

Overall ULTA's "Fine Pruned" is a good polish with its only fault being the watery formula.  However that being said its application is not the worst and I am willing to wear "Fine Pruned" again.

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