Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hard Candy "Soda Pop"

Hi all and happy Sunday!  As 4th of July approaches in the United States, I decided to take the time to test out a red, white and blue nail polish.  Today's nail polish is Hard Candy's "Soda Pop"

"Soda Pop" is a very fun red, white and blue glitter polish in a clear base.  Formula wise this nail polish was decent but I had to work at spreading the glitter out evenly.  As for chipping, this polish wasn't meant to be worn alone so it is hard to say.  Since "Soda Pop" was meant to be worn as a top coat I decided to test it out over some other polishes.  Here's how it turned out:

The first polish I decided to test out with "Soda Pop" was Nicole by OPI's "It's Not Me, It's Blue."  This combination was a bit disappointing and is one I probably wouldn't wear again.

The second polish I decided to test out with "Soda Pop" was Wet N' Wild's "Red Red."  This combination was perfect for the 4th of July and looked great!

If you want to know more about Nicole by OPI's "It's Not Me, It's Blue" or Wet N' Wild's "Red Red" check out my posts from earlier this year!

Overall I have mixed feelings about Hard Candy's "Soda Pop."  The polish is very pretty and looked nice on my nails but it was frustrating trying to spread the glitter out.  However I would be willing to try this polish out using the glitter sponge trick to see how it turned out on my nails!

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