Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Formula X "Determined"

Hi guys and happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone is enjoying the snow (if you have any!)  My house got hit by the Nor'easter earlier this week and is covered in ice.  (Thankfully just about everything has shut down so I don't have to go out!)  Today's nail polish is Formula X for Sephora's "Determined."

"Determined" is a chocolate brown polish with a hint of iridescent shimmer.  Formula wise this polish was fair, but the small brush made it difficult to get the polish on the nail.  After two coats of nail polish, "Determined" was not completely opaque and there were visible streak marks.  As for chipping I was able to wear this nail polish for about two days before the chipping started.

Overall I was a bit disappointed by Formula X for Sephora's "Determined."  The color is pretty but the polish was hard to apply, was not opaque on my nails and began to chip after only two days.  I may try this nail polish again and perhaps with a little work I could get the polish to look better on my nails.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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