Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hard Candy "Pop-arazzi"

Hi all!  I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!  (Who doesn't love the weekend?)  So to celebrate that the weekend has arrived I picked out a fun multi-colored glitter polish!  Today's nail polish is Hard Candy's "Pop-arazzi."

"Pop-arazzi" is a rainbow colored chunky glitter polish.  "Pop-arazzi" features orange, light blue, dark blue, lime green, black and white glitter all in a clear base.  Formula wise "Pop-arazzi" was easy enough to apply but the clear base went on thick while the glitter was not a fan of sticking to my nails.  However with a little patience I was able to spread the glitter evenly on my nails.  Since "Pop-arazzi" has a clear base I decided to test it out over a colored polish.

I decided to test "Pop-arazzi" over China Glaze's "Heli-yum" which is a hot pink nail polish.  This combination turned out really well and looked super cute!  Because "Pop-arazzi" doesn't have pink glitter in it the pink background from "Heli-yum" makes the glitter pop on my nails.

If you want to know more about China Glaze's "Heli-yum" check out my post from earlier this year here.

Overall I am pleased with Hard Candy's "Pop-arazzi."  I like everything about this nail polish, but it would be nice if the clear base wouldn't go on as thick because it makes it harder to evenly distribute the glitter.  I will wear this nail polish again.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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