Friday, January 8, 2016

Whim "I'll Send You A Postcard"

Hi everyone!  It's nearly the middle of January and Winter is in full swing and the weather is a bit blue, so today I pulled out a blue colored nail polish.  Today's polish is Whim's "I'll Send You A Postcard." Whim is a specialty brand that is sold exclusively at ULTA Beauty stores.  Whim is touted on their website as a polish that "wears like a gel."  Whim is also five free and retails for around $11 (USD) a bottle.

"I'll Send You A Postcard" is a gorgeous electric blue creme colored polish.  Formula wise this polish was very easy to apply and was opaque after two coats.  There were also no visible streak marks as well, which was fantastic!  As for chipping I was able to wear "I'll Send You A Postcard" for seven full days before there were any chip marks!  So it lived up to its "wears like a gel" statement quite nicely.

Overall I am very pleased with Whim's "I'll Send You A Postcard."  Everything about this nail polish is fantastic and it lasted a very long time on my nails, which is wonderful!  I will definitely be buying more polishes by this brand and wearing "I'll Send You A Postcard" again and again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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