Friday, February 5, 2016

A England "Saint George"

Hi guys!  I'm super excited about today's polish which I have been dying to try for a long time now! Today's nail polish is A England's "Saint George."  A England is a British brand of nail polish that isn't readily available in the United States because nail polish is a hazardous material and they typically do not allow nail polish to fly.  Instead nail polish typically comes via ground but between England and the United States there is an ocean which presents a problem.  So all I could do was wait until I could get to Europe in person then I could carry the polish back myself.  Last July I finally got my wish and went to Paris, France for two weeks and while I was in Paris I went to this lovely little shop in the 11th called Nail Club which happily sells A England nail polish.  (I bought several bottles!)

Anyways back to today's polish: "Saint George."  "Saint George" is a gorgeous blue nail polish with green and blue micro-glitter.  Formula wise this polish is amazing and very easy to apply.  In fact it was so lovely that it could be worn as a one-coater!  (Though I applied two coats as I always do.) After two coats the polish as completely opaque and streak free.  I was able to wear "Saint George" for about four days before there were any tip chips.

Overall I am in love with A England's "Saint George."  Everything about this nail polish is fantastic and I will definitely be wearing it again and again until the bottle runs out!  Also I can't say enough thank yous to the lovely staff at Nail Club in Paris who was so patient with me when I spoke no French and they spoke no English and who helped me pick out some gorgeous bottle of nail polish!

You can check out Nail Club's lovely website here.

Thanks for reading my blog and here's a fun picture of my visit to Paris!  :)

(We were there for Bastille Day and got to see the fireworks off the Eiffel Tower!)

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