Saturday, February 27, 2016

SpaRitual "Intuition"

Hi all!  Today's nail polish is a new to me brand called SpaRitual which I picked up at my local ULTA store.  The brand retails for around $12 (USD) a bottle and is a five-free and Vegan friendly nail polish.  (Which is nice since I never really thought about how a Vegan may be unable to use certain products, an oversight on my part.)  So without further ado today's nail polish is SpaRitual's "Intuition."

"Intuition" is a gorgeous deep purple nail polish featuring a dark blue shimmer.  Formula wise this nail polish is good, but slightly on the watery side.  After two coats, "Intuition" was almost completely opaque, but there were a few streak marks and uneven spots.  As for chipping I was only able to wear "Intuition" for about two days before it started to rub off the tips of my nails, which was a bit disappointing.

Overall I am slightly disappointed by SpaRitual's "Intuition."  The color is gorgeous and the polish was easy enough to apply but it had streak marks and it chipped very quickly.  Since the biggest problem with "Intuition" was chipping I would be willing to give this nail polish another go, and maybe next time it will last longer on my nails.

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