Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bundle Monster Plate BM-XL357: Boho Nails

Hello everyone!  On today's extra special post I am testing out Bundle Monster's Stamping Plate BM-XL357.  The plate has some fun floral/Boho looking designs that I had been itching to try out.  here's how the plate looks:

As you can see all the Boho patterns can create endlessly unique looks.  So to create this look I pulled out my Bundle Monster Color "Straight Up Black" to stamp with and Nail Matic's "Kimi" as the gorgeous base.  In the bottles the polish looks like this:

Nail Matic's "Kimi" and Bundle Monster Color's "Straight Up Black."

After selecting the polish I painted two coats of Nail Matic "Kimi" on to my nails and it looked like this:

The next step was to place Bundle Monster Color's "Poli-Peel" to protect my skin and make the clean up better.  The "Poli-Peel" looks like this:

From there I used my Bundle Monster stamper to place the look on my nails.  Then it is time to clean up by peeling off the "Poli-Peel" and placing a top coat on the finished look.

Overall I really love how this look turned out.  It is so pretty and the perfect look for Summer! However that being said I still have a lot of work to do to perfect my stamping skills.  (And any suggestions for becoming better are welcome!)

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