Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sephora by OPI "A True Romantic"

Hi all and happy Sunday!  Today's nail polish is Sephora by OPI's "A True Romantic."  Sephora by OPI, or SOPI, is a retired brand of nail polish that used to be sold at Sephora stores.  "A True Romantic" is a miniature bottle that came as part of a set that was sold on an American TV channel called QVC.  The set looks like this:

"A True Romantic" is a pale baby pink polish that almost matches my skin.  Formula wise this nail polish was very nice and easy to apply.  However the tiny bottle often times tried to slip out of my hands.  (A user error on my part haha.)  After two coats, "A True Romantic" was not even close to opaque and you could still see my nail bed.  That being said there were no streak marks.  As for chipping, I was able to wear this polish for three days before it began to chip.

Overall I have mixed feelings about Sephora by OPI's "A True Romantic."  I like the polish's color and its application was good but the fact that it wasn't opaque annoys me.  Chances are though, I will wear this polish again but as a base for glitter or nail art.

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