Wednesday, June 24, 2015

China Glaze "Cons-ULTA My Manicurist"

Hi all!  We're halfway through the week so I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend! Today's nail polish is a China Glaze exclusive for ULTA called "Cons-ULTA My Manicurist."

"Cons-ULTA My Manicurist" is a gorgeous sky blue creme.  Formula wise this polish was very watery and difficult to work with.  The brush either had too much nail polish and it went everywhere or the brush didn't have enough and there were terrible streak marks.  After two coats of "Cons-ULTA My Manicurist" there were still visible streak marks and it was definitely not completely opaque.  As for chipping I'm not sure how long "Cons-ULTA My Manicurist" would have lasted because it was so miserable to apply and looked terrible that I didn't wear this polish for long.

Overall I am very disappointed with China Glaze's "Cons-ULTA My Manicurist" because as a specialty polish for a store that sells only cosmetics I expected better.  The only thing I liked about this nail polish is its beautiful sky blue color.  I probably won't be wearing this polish again any time soon.

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