Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ciaté "Mermaid You Look" Shell Manicure

Hi everyone!  Now that Summer is in full swing I can't stop dreaming about the beach so I decided to channel that by trying out Ciaté's Shell Manicure Set from Summer of 2014.  They made several sets with different colored crush seashells but the one I got is Mermaid You Look which has purple seashells!  The kit looks like this:

And when you open the magnetic flap it looks like this:

The kit comes with a full-sized bottle of nail polish that coordinates with the seashells and the nail polish in this set is "Pillow Fight."  This is what the crushed seashells and nail polish look like:

Ciaté's "Mermaid You Look" crushed shell and Ciaté's "Pillow Fight."

In each kit there are clear instructions with pictures explaining how to apply the crushed seashells.  The directions look like:

The only things I did differently from the directions was to apply two coats of "Pillow Fight."  Also I decided that in order to get many manicures out of this kit as possible I decided to do just my ring finger as an accent nail.

Overall I was very impressed with this kit!  It came with everything I needed to create a seashell manicure.  Also I was very surprised with how flat the seashell actually lays on my nail, however it did tend to catch on a lot of fabrics.  I wouldn't recommend this manicure for every day wear but it is fun for special occasions, like days at the beach!

Also if you want more info on "Pillow Fight" check out my post from earlier this year:

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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