Monday, June 8, 2015

Julie G "Holla-Peño"

Hi all!  Happy Monday!  (If there is such a thing!)  Today nail polish is Julie G's "Holla-Peño."

"Holla-Peño" is a fun summery grass green colored nail polish.  Formula wise this polish is a bit thick and it did make it hard to apply.  The brush held a lot of nail polish but when you tried to wipe the excess polish off the brush then there was none left to apply to the nail.  After two coats "Holla-Peño" was nearly completely opaque but there were a fair amount of visible streak marks.  As for chipping I had an almost impossible time getting this nail polish to dry!  Therefore I was unable to wear this nail polish for any amount of time.

Overall I am somewhat disappointed by Julie G's "Holla-Peño" because the formula was tricky to work with, there were streak marks, and since the polish wouldn't dry I couldn't wear it but just to take pictures!  Unfortunately I won't be wearing this nail polish again anytime soon!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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