Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pinterest Nail Art: Saran Wrap Mani!

Hi everyone!  I had so much fun showing y'all my Harry Potter nail art last month that I thought I would try out another nail art this month!  I was surfing through Pinterest ( @LondonLover27 if you want to see all my boards including my nail polish one!) and came across a fun manicure using saran wrap!

The basic idea behind the saran wrap mani is to use the saran wrap to create a cool textured look on your nail without a lot of work!  The first step in this manicure it to paint your nails with a good opaque base coat.  I picked out OPI's "Live. Love. Carnival."  Here's how my nails looked after I painted the base coat:

After letting this nail polish dry for a while I then used Beautifully Disney's "Provencal Mademoiselle" and applied a quick, thin coat on top of the base polish.  Immediately after take a small (about two inches square) piece of saran wrap, crunch it up and tap the wet nail polish lightly.  It will create a marble-like effect.  Repeat this one nail at a time until all of your nails are complete.  I found that I was able to use the saran wrap pieces on two nails before moving on to a new piece, however it all depends on how thin/thick of a coat you put on your nail.  (Finished look above!)  Just be sure to let your nails dry for a few minutes

Here are the two nail polishes I used to do this nail art:

OPI's "Live. Love. Carnival." and Beautifully Disney's "Provencal Mademoiselle."

Also you can use any brand of saran wrap.  (All I had was Christmas themed saran wrap and it worked just fine.)

Overall I really like this fun nail art!  It is very easy to do and it doesn't require any special talent.  All you need are two different colored nail polish and some saran wrap!  What makes the saran wrap mani so fun is there are endless color combination possibilities!

If you want to know more about OPI's "Live. Love. Carnival." check out my post from this past April:

And if you want to know more about Beautifully Disney's "Provencal Mademoiselle" check out my post from last month:

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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