Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Candie's "Supernova Sky"

Hi all!  To brighten up everyone's Tuesday here's a glitter!  Today's nail polish is Candie's "Supernova Sky."  The Candie's brand comes from an american store called Kohl's which sells items at a discount.

"Supernova Sky" is a pretty blue and silver chunky glitter in a clear base.  Formula wise this polish was watery and took some time to spread the glitter out evenly.  As with most glitters it isn't meant to be worn alone so I decided to test "Supernova Sky" out with some other polishes.  Here's how it turned out:

The first polish I decided to try out with "Supernova Sky" was China Glaze's "Boho Blues."  This combination was very blue and looked like the ocean in the sunlight.  I liked this combination a lot and it will be nice for Summer!

The second polish I decided to try with "Supernova Sky" was China Glaze's "About Layin' Out" which is a hot neon pink.  This combination was okay but it wasn't my favorite.

The third nail polish I decided to test out with "Supernova Sky" was Sally Hansen Insta-Dry's "Rapid Red."  This combination turned out nicely and I wore it happily for Memorial Day.  It would also be a great and easy look for the 4th of July!

If you want to know more about China Glaze's "Boho Blues" , China Glaze's "About Layin' Out" or Sally Hansen Insta-Dry's "Rapid Red" check out my posts from earlier this year!

Overall I like Candie's "Supernova Sky."  This polish looks nice on the nail which makes up for the patience it took to apply to my nail.  I will however wear "Supernova Sky" again because it is so sparkly and pretty!

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