Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hard Candy "Pop Star"

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone has had a nice weekend.  Today's nail polish is Hard Candy's "Pop Star."  Hard Candy is a drugstore brand that is very affordable that I have only seen available at Wal-Mart.

"Pop Start" is a pretty multi-shades of blue chunky glitter in a clear base.  Formula wise this nail polish was watery but the glitter seemed to spread evenly.  Like many glitters in a clear base it is not meant to be worn alone but instead as a topcoat.  With this in mind I decided to test it out on top of a few opaque polishes.

The first polish I decided to test "Pop Star" with was Pacifica's "Turquoise Tiara."  This combination was fun and very beachy.  I will probably wear this nail polish net time I get the chance to see the ocean.  (Not that that will be any time soon!)

The second nail polish I decided to test "Pop Star" with was OPI's "Dating A Royal."  This combination was fun and really popped.  I like this combo and will wear it again.

Overall I am very pleased with Hard Candy's "Pop Star."  While the formula was a little watery it was still easy to apply and it looks great as a top coat on colored polishes.  I can't wait to wear "Pop Star" again soon!

If you want to know more about Pacifica's "Turquoise Tiara" or OPI's "Dating A Royal" check out my posts from earlier this year!

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