Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ciaté "Caviar Metallic Pearls - Silver"

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2017!  To celebrate the new year I decided to test out Ciaté's "Caviar Metallic Pearls - Silver" which are little tiny silver balls that can be used for nail art.  I got this nail polish as part of Ciaté's annual advent calendar from 2013.  The set looks like this:

Ciaté's "Caviar Metallic Pearls - Silver" are bright silver and the balls are very tiny so in order to attach them to my nails I pulled out a pair of tweezers.  I decided to create a pattern on my nails using the pearls and I used OPI's "What's Your Point-settia?" as the base.  It only took me about 30-45 minutes to create the look on my nails.  But be forewarned the little pearls like to go everywhere and the look is 3-D. Here's what the bottle of pearls looked like:

Overall I enjoyed Ciaté's "Caviar Metallic Pearls - Silver."  it was fun to create some nail art with it and the look is very unique!  I will definitely try out some other looks using the pearls!

If you want to know more about OPI's "What's Your Point-settia?" check out my post from late last year.

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Thanks for reading my blog and happy 2017!  :)

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