Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sephora by OPI "Dream Princess"

Hi all! It's snowing here like crazy and likely we'll not b able to get out of the house until Friday.  (We definitely don't do snow in the South!) Today's nail polish is Sephora by OPI's "Dream Princess." Sephora by OPI (or SOPI) is a brand of nail polish that is no longer produced.  I managed to get today's polish as part of a mini set in 2014.  The set is called Jasmine and it looks like this:

"Dream Princess" is an iridescent shimmery glitter nail polish that has a clear base.  Formula wise this nail polish was...  Since "Dream Princess" is a glitter it is meant to be worn as a top coat so I decided to test it out over some colored polishes.

The first nail polish I decided to test out with "Dream Princess" was butter LONDON's "Scuppered." This combination was really pretty!  "Scuppered" is already a shimmery and glitter polish but "Dream Princess" just gave it that extra kick of shimmery gorgeousness.

The second nail polish I decided to test out with "Dream Princess" was OPI's "Be There In A Prosecco."  This combination was gorgeous!  It is the perfect nude with a hint of shimmer.  I can see wearing this combination over and over again because it can be formal or laid back.

Overall I am very happy with Sephora by OPI's "Dream Princess."  This nail polish is great and looks nice on a variety of colored polishes.  I cannot wait to try it out with more opaque polishes!

If you want to know more about butterLONDON's "Scuppered" and OPI's "Be There In A Prosecco" check out my posts from earlier this year and late last year!

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