Saturday, December 31, 2016

Favorite Nail Polishes of 2016!

Hi everyone!  I can't believe 2016 is about to be over.  I am not ready for 2017 yet!  Overall it has been a good year for myself - I celebrated a birthday, watched one best friend become a mom, another get married, I watched my cousin's children grow and I got to take a vacation to Florida (twice!)  So throughout the year as I have worn nail polishes I have picked out twenty-five of my favorites.  They are listed below by color!

Noodles Nail Polish's "Sea Breeze & Palm Trees" is a gorgeous indie nail polish that I ordered off of Etsy.  I love how unique the polish looked on my nails!

China Glaze's "Wanderlust" is a lovely pastel pink/purple with a great shimmer.  This is one of my favorite Spring and Summer nail polishes.

Orly's "Cake Pop" is a really pretty ballerina pink polish that I wore in honor of Breast Cancer awareness in October.

butter LONDON's "Kerfluffle" is a happy, fun and bright nail polish.  I love wearing coral colored polishes because the make my nails look like seashells and reminds me of Summertime!

butter LONDON's "Come To Bed Red" is the perfect cherry red that can be worn all year and it looks good on just about every skin tone!

OPI's "What's Your Point-settia?" is a gorgeous bright red crelly nail polish that looks fantastic on my nails!

Ciaté's "Espadrilles" reminds me of fire and also of the gorgeous Autumn leaves that fall every year.

OPI's "That's Hula-rious" is the prettiest pastel green nail polish I have seen and it is also one of my most worn polishes this year!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Green Thumb" is a lovely olive green nail polish that is a great year-round color!

Ella & Mila's "Samba Beats" is a fun and happy green/turquoise nail polish that I got on Amazon's website.

A England's "Saint George" is the prettiest glittery emerald color.  I purchased this nail polish in Paris in 2015 and have had no regrets.  I would love to get my hands on some more A England nail polishes!

Zoya's "Wednesday" is my favorite color in all the world and I wear it often, especially during Summertime when the weather is nice!

Bonita's "Sea Me" is a great drugstore find and reminds me of mermaid tails.  It is a great nail polish for Summer.

Formula X for Sephora's "Celestial" is a glittery masterpiece.  It covers so well and sparkles endlessly in sunlight.

Nicole by OPI's "Kendall On The Katwalk" is a fun royal blue glitter nail polish that was part of the Kardashian collection.

Formula X for Sephora's "Tide" reminds me of the night sky.  I love this nail polish so much because of how shimmery it is!

Sephora's "Lavender Field" is a bright purple polish that I purchased at Sephora in Paris.  (Biggest Sephora I have ever seen!)

Essie's "Flowerista" is a pretty fuchsia colored nail polish that is perfect for Autumn and is one I wore on multiple occasions throughout the year.

OPI's "Koala Bear-y" is a lovely berry color that I often enjoy wearing on my toes because of how cheery it is!

Nails INC's "Electric Lane" (despite the blurry photo) is a fantastic iridescent glitter polish.  It is basically the perfect topper because it goes with every colored nail polish!

Nails INC's "Radnor Walk" is a lovely nude nail polish that had a surprising matte finish.  I love this nail polish for when I want to wear nail polish but not draw attention to my nails!

Zoya's "Autumn" is a gorgeous shimmery copped colored nail polish that is perfect for Autumn (hence its name!)

China Glaze's "Getting To Gnaw You" is a great Halloween nail polish!  it has a black base with copper glitter and it screams "cauldron"!

Essie's "Frock N' Roll" is a glitter black polish that is edgy and classy at the same time!  I love wearing this nail polish because it is a step out of my usual nail polish!

Nicole by OPI's "Totally In The Dark" is a gorgeous glittery black nail polish that I had a lot of fun wearing and I got a lot of compliments while wearing it!  (And yes it does favor the polish above!)

As 2016 comes to a close I just want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone for continuing to read my blog and follow me on social media!  I am so excited to see where the nail polish takes us next year and hope you all will continue to follow along with me!

If you are new you can follow the blog here of course but also on Instagram and Twitter @PerfPolished12.

Thanks for reading my blog and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  :)

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