Wednesday, February 8, 2017

China Glaze "Sleeping Under The Stars"

Hi everyone! We're half way to the weekend!  Who else is ready?  Today's nail polish is China Glaze's "Sleeping Under The Stars" which is perfect since we are having a lunar eclipse this weekend!

"Sleeping Under The Stars" is a pretty dark blurple (a blue and purple combo) with a hint of magenta shimmer.  Formula wise this polish was perfect and has to be the easiest polish I have applied in a long time!  After only one coat, "Sleeping Under The Stars" was completely opaque and streak free.  But as usual I applied a second coat for the pictures.  As for chipping, I was able to wear "Sleeping Under The Stars" for fie days before I noticed any chips, which is fantastic for a dark colored polish!

Also here was my first attempt at nail stamping.  I used "Sleeping Under The Stars" as the base for the night sky.  I used Bundle Monster's BM-XL213 plate and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "White On" to create the pattern off the plate.  I topped it off with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure's "Cot Of Arms" to add some glittery fun!  (And please forgive how imperfect it looks!  This was my very first time trying stamping!)

Overall I am thrilled with China Glaze's "Sleeping Under The Stars."  Everything about this nail polish is perfect and I'll be wearing it a lot more often!

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